FAQs(For Teaching Staffs)

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I want to add a new undergraduate school lecture site.

All the undergraduate courses of 2020 Spring Semester have already been registered after cooperating with the NU education system by now. Please check it your NUCT again.

I want to add a new graduate school lecture site.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but if you want to open a site for graduate school lectures, please contact the academic staff of your department.

As for graduate lectures, we are now having difficulty responding with every individual application. In the spring semester of 2020, information will be collected and registered by each department.

For academic staffs: If you have questions how to register courses, please contact [nuct-admin[at]ct.nagoya-u.ac.jp].

I want to add contents to NUCT but it's not a lecture.

If your usage is listed below:
  • Department operation
  • Induction training
  • Questionare
  • Security induction
  • Employment information
  • Leading graduate school program(for medical school)et al.

  • Please Contact [nuct-admin[at]ct.nagoya-u.ac.jp] with these information.
  • Name:
  • Meidai ID:
  • Position:
  • Telephone number:
  • Name fo the lecture:
  • Department:
  • Year:(2020)
  • Semester:(Spring)
  • Day of the week:(Monday)
  • Period:(4th)

  • If the lecture is held by several staffs, please include all of them.

    I want to split students into several groups and each group's content is different.

    Please contact [nuct-admin[at]ct.nagoya-u.ac.jp] directly.
    Make sure that these details are included:
  • Name of the lecture
  • Lecture Code
  • Groups name: (〇〇I・〇〇II et al.)
  • Please don't forget you Meidai ID or Staff number.

    I want to make several sites for one lecture.

    Please contact [nuct-admin] directly.
    Send a email with name and code of the lecture to [nuct-admin[at]ct.nagoya-u.ac.jp].

    I want to add another teaching staff to registered site.

    You can add another teaching staff as an Instructor by following these steps:
    1. Log in to NUCT and turn to the lecture tab your want to change.
    2. Choose [Site info] in the left column.
    3. Choose [Add participants].
    4. Input Meidai ID or Staff number in Official Email Address or Username box
    If you have 10 members, add them in 10 lines. 5. Click [Continue].
    6. Choose [Instructor] or [maintain].
    7. Click [Continue].
    8. If mail is not delivered correctly, please just click [continue].
    9. After confirmation, click [finish].


    The lecture is mainly held by part-time teacher, but part-time teacher don't have authority to maintance the site, can I pass the authority to other teaching staffs?

    If the main instructor don't have completed authority, please contact [nuct-admin] with information below.
    Meidai ID:
    Telephone number:
    Name fo the lecture:
    Day of the week:(Monday)


    I accidentlly registered myself as a Student instead of Instructor.

    If you have registered other sites as Instructor, follow these steps to change your role into Instructor.

    1. Log in to NUCT and turn to the lecture tab your want to change.
    2. Choose [Site info] ob the left.
    3. Find the teacher's name which is been wrongly registered as [Student], change the [Role] tab into [Instructor].
    4. Click [Update Participants]

    If the Instructor is the ONLY member registered, Please contact [nuct-admin[at]ct.nagoya-u.ac.jp].

    I want a Student Role to confirm the NUCT environment.

    We offered a practicing site (https://n-sakai2.icts.nagoya-u.ac.jp/) here.You can only access it by campus internet only. (Using Meidai VPN service can help you access at other places) 全学VPNサービス

    You can choose to log in as Instructor or Student.
    【Log in as a Instructor】
    Using [CAS LOGIN], no need to change your ID or Password.
    【Log in as a Student】
    Please use it URL enter in content text「ログインは【コチラ】からお願いします.
    Here is your Log-in information:
    ID:[Meidai ID]-[your birthday(4-digit)]
    Password:Staff number + [you birthday](8-digit)
    Example:87654321 + 20130128 = 107784449

    Reference URL(PDF)
    For more details of NUCT's usage, please check the videos here.オンデマンド教材(教員用) (Japanese only).

    I want to use LateX on NUCT pages.

    Please follow the instruction below.
    1. Choose the site you want to add LaTeX contents to.
    2. Choose [Site info] in the left column.
    3. Choose [Manage Tools] in toolbar
    4. Find 「Enable MathJax for automatic rendering of LaTeX and AsciiMath in this site. 」then check it
    5. Click [Continue]
    6. After「You have enabled the automatic rendering of LaTeX for this site」has been displayed,Click [Finish]

    Now LaTeX is enabled on NUCT.
    Please notice that if you want to add formula, use $$...$$ instead of $...$ .

    After importing [Tests and Quizzes] with XML file,I can't set up my deadline correctly, which works well on previous NUCT system.

    Malfunction have been reported in new NUCT on exporting XML.

    Please directly edit your XML file,changing [false] to [true] in tag[fieldentry] can solve this problem.
     <fieldentry>false(CHANGE IT TO {true})</fieldentry>

    I want to provide TA with the authority of checking or grading the assignment.

    Please check the box under [permission] tab of [assignment].

    Reading authority only

  • [Same site level permissions for all groups inside the site]
  • [Read assignment(s)]
  • [Grade assignment submission(s)]
  • Both reading and grading authority

    Add [Revise the assignment] with contents above.

    I don’t know the difference between [Announcement] and [Messages]


    Can be considered as a notice board, where announcements(e.g. Schedule of the course) will be displayed for all registered students. We recommend to utilize this function to notice all


    Which is similar to email, can deliver message to either individual or common members. 「Messaage」 is also available for students, while [Announcement] is Instructor limited. If you want to make a conversation with your partner, [Message] is recommended.

    Please your [Resource] to share files.

    If you want to know more details on how to transfer this message(or announcements) please check here/span>

    I want to directly transfer [Announcement] or [Message] to registered members' mailbox.

    You can redirect information to registered members' mailbox after following setting is done.


    At the bottom of [Add] tab, choose [High - All participants] in [Email Notification] pull-down menu。


    Tick out [Send a copy of this message to recipients' email address(es)] at Message composing page.

    I want to know registered students' NU email address.

    Instructor CAN NOT directly get registered members' mail addresses.

    To get more details of how to contact with students, please check here.

    I don't know the difference between [Tests & Quizzes] and [Assignments].

    There are differences in the answer style and the scoring method.
    Answer style is fixed, which can be set for each sub-question, and you can choose from several styles. Furthermore, automatic scoring is available.

    No fixed form such as quizzes, and should be submitted by text or file attachment. Automatic scoring is unavailable. After authorizing, TA can confirm and grade issues.

    Is there a limitaion of uploaded files' capacity?

    For [Resource], you can only upload 250 Mb each time, and 2Gb is the max storage for each course. If you data is oversized, please paste the URL and use NUSS instead. Meanwhile, to alleviate server's burdun, compressed data is recommended. Thank your for the cooperation.

    Enquiries(For teaching Staffs)

    Recently NUCT support team is undertaking a great deal of enquiries. Please ask ICT Staffs of your department first.
    If the question still remains, please contact nuct-support[at]media.nagoya-u.ac.jp]

    If you have questions on changing other contents. Please check here for more details.

    Other Questions

    >Office 365, Zoom, VPN, Site Licence
    ITヘルプデスク(名古屋大学情報連携統括本部 Q&A SYSTEM)

    >About [Teams]
    Please refer Teamsの利用について.  E-mail: O365[at]icts.nagoya-u.ac.jp