FAQs(For Students)

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I'm not registered to a lecture site while other students are registered defaultly.

Please contact International Academic Affairs Office of your department and ask them to confirm that you are regstered correctly.
If the course is a university-wide education subject, please contact Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

If you still have not been registered, please ask the instructor who's in charge of the course to register you.

You will be able to access the lecture site from 8:00 a.m. next day after you have been registered, except for following days.
5/16 ~ 5/18
5/23 ~ 5/31

If you cannot access the lecture site from the next day, please contact NUCT support office.

I accidently dropped a lecture site.

Please ask the instructor to re-register you if you dropped the course that is not offered to all students.

If the course is offered to all students, you can participate its lecture site on the "Joinable Sites" of "Membership"

I joined a wrong lecture site.

You can delete the wrong site on "My Current Site" of "Membership".

Some lecture sites seems to be disappeared from the Menu Column.

The number of shortcuts displayed at the top of pages is limited.
You can find all the lecture sites that you are participating under "My current Sites" of "Membership".
If you can not find the sites there, please ask the instructor to re-register you.

Some functions in specific site are not available.
(e.g. Resources or Assignments are not listed.)

Your instructor may have disable these functions on purpose.
Please contact your instructor first.

I don't know how to apply for Student Support Payment for Corona-virus

Please refer to Nagoya University's homepage at Application requirements
Please notice that application should be done on previous NUCT system, not the current one.


Recently NUCT support team is undertaking a great deal of inquirie emails. We high recommend asking your course instructor first.

Meanwhile, Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences has opened a IT-Help Desk on NU mail, Zoom, et al. If your have questions during your campus life, please make a contact with them first.

If the question still remains, please contact nuct-support[at]media.nagoya-u.ac.jp.

Other Questions

>Office 365, Zoom, VPN, Site Licence
IT-Help Desk(Nagoya Univ. Information and Communications Q&A SYSTEM)

>About [Teams]
Please refer Usage of Microsoft Teams.  E-mail: O365[at]icts.nagoya-u.ac.jp